The mission.

To be a resource for film photographers.

We believe in film photography because it’s a creative process that exists in the real world and satisfies our senses. It’s a way to create images that connects us to what we create on an emotional level because it demands from us that we’re intentional about every step. It’s an analogue experience that allows us to escape the automated & dull digital world that we spend so much of our lives in.

Aperture Dundee was created as a resource to help you as you explore and learn about this amazing way to create lasting memories and beautiful art.

Aperture Dundee is here to inspire people to pick up the craft of film photography. To experience the process of creating images in a tactile and physical way. To share knowledge. To be a guide as you explore modern film photography. To answer your questions. To make recommendations. And to share the love of film photography in a way that anyone at any skill level can join in and enjoy the process of making analogue pictures.

Create analogue images that give your memories meaning.

Explore film photography.

Pentax SLR in Hand

A little about me.

I’m a photographer, video-editor, & writer living in the Albertan countryside in western Canada. Over time I’ve developed a deep passion for photography and will often be found with one of my beloved mechanical Pentax’s in hand. I’ve spent countless hours creating images, developing film, scanning negatives, and learning as much as I can about the craft of analogue photography. My other great passion is writing, which allows me to share what I’ve learned with others.

Noah von Hatten

Noah von Hatten

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